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Water & Meat

Sold individually or
in this cool 2-Pack

Get your paws on the

world's first and only




is a drink, a snack and an ingredient in one plastic-free package.

He’s also our mascot.

They said it was


but we cracked

 the code.

Our proprietary Coco Below Zero™ freezing process locks in freshness at -20°C so that each young coconut is as delicious and nutritious as the day it was hand-picked in Thailand.

the original

plant-based meat

Drink the water and not eat the meat? That’s crazy talk.

Our coconuts have tender meat that’s subtly sweet and ready to eat. Coconut meat offers essential minerals, amino acids, brain-boosting MCTs and an excellent source of dietary fiber.


No sharp objects necessary.
Our pre-scored coconuts are easy to open and even easier to sip and snack straight from the shell.



Here are the A's to some of the most common Q's about Cocobear. Tasty, right?

  • Cocobear is the world’s first flash-frozen organic coconut that you can sip (coconut water) and snack (coconut meat) straight from the shell.

  • Cocobear sources only the very best organic coconuts from certified farming communities in Ratchaburi, Thailand. This lush region is home to the famous Nam Hom variety of coconuts and is called the coconut capital of the world. Translation: Ratchaburi is to coconuts what Champagne, France is to bubbly.

  • Cocobear is changing the way the world enjoys coconuts. We remove the heavy husk so it's light and travels easily. We remove the fibrous green layer and polish the shell so it's not all hairy or hard to open. And we freeze it with our proprietary Coco Below Zero™ process so it doesn't crack or explode—all withing 2 days of picking.

  • Okay, that's just crazy talk. Just like apples or grapes, there are many types of coconuts. Young Nam Hom coconuts are widely renowned as the sweetest, most delicious variety on earth. So, naturally they're the only kind lucky enough to become Cocobears.

  • Yup. USDA certified and everything. Pasteurization, processing and artificial additives strip away nutrients and alter coconuts' righteously refreshing taste. At Cocobear, we believe that you (and coconuts) deserve better, so we kick it organic style. No added sugar, preservatives or anything unnatural.

  • Never! We keep the coconut in the coconut. Fresh young coconuts maintain more nutrition than pasteurized coconut water. Even unpasteurized, refrigerated bottles can’t uphold the purity and nutritional integrity of the original shell.

  • Coconuts are full of, well, coconut water. So, you can bet your pretty palm trees that they're highly hydrating. Cocobears' water and coconut meat remain pure and untouched frozen. That means you get the full benefits of five essential electrolytes to hydrate your cells and naturally nourish your body.

  • Our young organic coconuts have soft, tender meat that’s subtly sweet and ready to eat. Coconut meat offers essential minerals, amino acids and an excellent source of dietary fiber. It’s also nature's leading source of brain- and energy-boosting MCTs.

  • A friendly, fun-loving polar bear is the perfect reflection of our company. We chose a polar bear as a nod to our unique freezing process, our commitment to environmental protection and, obviously, because they're just the coolest.



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