Highway to Health



That real Thai coconut taste which transports you to a tropical paradise. Coconut water is dense with natural nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and contains all five of the major electrolytes every body needs. Perfected by nature, kept frozen fresh till you open it.


It’s all-natural, creamy, and incredibly healthy. You’ll love spooning out this silky coconut meat and adding it to any smoothie or dessert. Just like the water,  the meat is untouched, untreated, and unpasteurized. Coconuts are Gluten-free and of course vegan friendly.

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Certified Organic


No added sugar, sweeteners,  preservatives, or additives of any kind - you know because you’re the one cracking it open. Our goal is to introduce the real taste of organic coconut water and share the authentic coconut experience.  We want to establish a strong coconut culture in which people learn to appreciate what a fresh coconut tastes like. No additives, no gimmicks - just a coconut.